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One of the most rewarding experiences is finding the perfect home at the right price for our home buyer. The JS Realty Team strives to find that perfect match. From the initial consultation to celebration/settlement day we guide our buyers through the entire process.

During the initial consultation, it is very important for us to find out as much asYoung married couple at desk in a business meeting JS Realty possible about what our buyer is looking for in a home. Every buyer has different needs and we want to tailor their search to those desires. Discussing the buyers comfort price, ideal location, school systems, and housing concerns (number of bedrooms/baths, garage, yard size, etc.) are just the beginning of what we cover during our initial consultation. After that, we follow a few key steps to getting our buyer into their new home:

1. Prequalifying with a Lender – We do this so our buyer will have a clear picture of what their home will cost. It’s important they know what a down payment, closing costs, and the mortgage payments will be in their desired price range.

2. Activate an Automatic Search – After being approved by the Lender, we will activate an automatic search that will send out all the homes that fit our buyer’s criteria. Anytime a new listing enters the market, our system will immediately email the home to our client. Using this feature allows us to stay on top of all new listings!

3. Listingbook Account – All buyers will receive an account Listingbook JS Realtythrough Listingbook which will allow them to search in real time, on their own, through the same MLS system that Realtors use.

4. Schedule Showings – Getting to preview the homes they have selected is an exciting prospect for the buyer. We will plan out a home tour and schedule showings, getting feedback from the buyer on the positives and negatives of the homes. This helps us refine the search and discover what they feel is most important in a home.

5. Offer Contract – Once the buyers finds the home, we will sit down and write the offer.  As we do this, we will explain the many facets of the contract and the contingencies that we build in to protect the buyer. We will include an approved prequalification letter from the Lender for the specific price of the offer being made, along with an earnest money deposit. This deposit is a check made out to Samson Properties will be deposited into an escrow account after the contract has been ratified. The money will wait there until settlement.

6. Submitting the Offer – Once we submit the contract and all appropriateDiscussing business activity JS Realty paperwork, the negotiating begins. This is where our experience of selling over $200 million in Real Estate transactions enables us to negotiate the best deal possible for our clients. If buyer and seller agree to all terms of the contract, we are ratified!

There’s still a way to go before calling the moving trucks! Read the 2nd half of our Buyer’s Guide, where we will walk you through the inspections, appraisal, and settlement.


Scott Koval

Author: Scott Koval

Co-founder of JS Realty, Scott has been providing ethical, honest, & fair real estate transactions for more than 11 years. He strives to create a lifelong relationship with his clients and is always available for them. When he's not Pinning gardening tips, Scott spends much of his spare time on golf courses in his area.

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