Selling your home can be a very stressful and emotional process. At JS Realty we strive to make the selling of your home as stress free as possible by handling all aspects of the sale and keeping you informed. Communication with our sellers is vital to keeping anxieties to a minimum. Navigating the many duties and obstacles in Real Estate takes an agent that pays attention to every detail of the transaction.  That is where we come in!

When you decide to sell your home, you need to change your mindset. It is very important to realize that while your home was a place where you lived and raised your family, it is now a product. This can be difficult for some, as we JS Realty Meeting Realtor Contractsbecome attached to our homes and have experienced many milestones, events and memories. By detaching yourself emotionally from the home, you will be better equipped to make smart financial decisions.

Decisions, like price, conveyance items, and showing instructions need to be addressed as business decisions with as little emotion as possible. Potential buyers are looking for not only the perfect home for them, but the best value as well.

Conveyance items (ones that can/will be sold with the home) need to be worked JS Realty Large Kitchenout before the home goes on the market. When a buyer decides to make an offer on your home you never know what combination of factors led them to their decision. If, for instance, a chandelier is mounted in the dining room and it does not convey, this needs to be made very clear to all potential buyers. If items such as shelves or bookcases that are attached to your home (also called fixtures), do not convey with the sale and are not clearly disclosed, this can make the closing process very stressful.

JS Realty Open House Showing Senior Home BuyersAnother important aspect of selling your home is to make it available for showings as much as possible. Limiting showing times can increase your days on the market due to buyers not being able to see the home on their schedule.

Selling your home is never an easy process, but using an experienced agent like the JS Realty Team will help make the selling process as smooth as possible. We have the experience and knowledge to head off pitfalls of the selling process before they happen.

Whether you’re selling your home soon or in the future, contact us for a free JS Realty Free home analysishome consultation and home analysis. We will make sure you know what to expect when selling your home and help to make the sale as stress free as possible!

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From the number of active homes on the market to the number of homes sold so far this year, the JS Realty Team will keep you updated on the Ashburn Real Estate market.

As of April 5, 2015 there are currently 473 homes on the market in Ashburn Virginia. Ranging from a 2 bedroom, 1 bath condo listed for $182,900 to a gorgeous home sitting on over 11 acres that boasts over 8,000 finished square feet of living space for $2,499,990. The median list price is $515,000 – which is slightly above the median list price for Loudoun County ($500,000).

JS Realty Ashburn sales price and volume chartThis chart shows the median sales price vs. sales volume. Home prices typically follow sales volume with, of course, a little lag time. (Click image to enlarge)


So far in 2015, Ashburn Virginia has real estate market graph increaseseen a pretty steady pace of sales with 280 homes sold. Inventory typically increases this time of year and we are looking forward to a busy spring market. All the signs are there – low interest rates, slowly rising home prices, as well as buyers and sellers looking to make a move.

If you are looking to buy or sell a home this year Scott Koval and Sarah King Taylor of the JS Realty Team would be glad to meet with you to discuss your options. In our initial consultation, we focus on finding out exactly what our clients are looking to accomplish and then we will map out a plan of action to help them achieve their goals.

Contact us today – we are here to help you!

The JS Realty Team – not only serving Brambleton, serving all of Northern Virginia.


Unclear about the Loan Process and all that it entails? Listed below are the Loan Process steps to help you understand what will take place.  If you’d like to download a PDF version to save, please click here: The Loan Process

JS Realty PreApproval BlockA pre-approval is a commitment by a lender to make a mortgage loan to a specified borrower, prior to the identification of a specific property. The pre-approval process starts with an interview and completion of a loan application, and ends with the lender issuing a pre-approval letter demonstrating that the applicant is a suitable buyer. The lender will typically require at minimum 2 years of W2 statements, 2 years of federal tax returns, 2 month’s of asset account statements, and a satisfactory credit report.

JS Realty Rate Lock BlockAt this step the lender issues a written agreement guaranteeing the borrower a specified interest rate, provided the loan closes within a set period of time. To lock a rate the applicant must have a ratified contract and an established settlement date.

JS Realty Disclosure BlockThis is when the lender offers the official Good Faith Estimate, Truth in Lending Form and loan disclosures. These documents need to be presented to the applicant within 3 days of lock and will need to be signed and returned to the lender. It is also common for the lender to request additional supporting documentation at this point.

JS Realty Appraisal BlockAn appraisal is a written analysis of the estimated value of a property prepared by a qualified appraiser. This process is performed to make sure that the property is of fair market value and supports the agreed upon purchase price.

JS Realty Processing and Underwriting BlockDuring the processing step the Loan Officer and his/her staff will gather and analyze all of the information to ensure that the applicant’s loan will meet the specific program guidelines. The Underwriter will then complete the final review of documents to verify that all appropriate disclosures and documentation is completed to support the issuance of final loan approval. It is common for the Underwriter to request additional explanations or documentation during this process.

JS Realty Closing BlockThe closing is a meeting in which the sale of a property is finalized with the buyer signing the mortgage documents and paying closing costs. Also called “settlement.” This is where the applicant receives their keys to their brand new home!

If you or someone you know is interested in purchasing a home or needing to refinance, please contact me!

JS Realty KHarris LenderKeith Harris
Senior Loan Officer
Intercoastal Mortgage Company
Direct: (703) 259-0788
Cell:    (703) 395-6601
NMLS ID # 838973


Credit and collateral are subject to approval. Terms and conditions apply. This is not a commitment to lend. Programs, rates terms and conditions are subject to change.  ICM NMLS# 56323 (www.NMLSconsumerAccess.org)

The JS Realty Team – not only serving Brambleton, serving all of Northern Virginia.


An appraisal is a written estimate of a home’s value. The JS Realty Team at Samson Properties educates both our buyers and sellers on this process.

The appraiser is an independent 3rd party who determines the value of the home in the current market by performing a market analysis. The market analysis will compare the subject property to similar properties in the immediate area while also comparing the condition of said properties. JS Realty Real estate comparisonAppraisers generally use 3 standard approaches to determine the market value of a property: The Cost Approach, The Comparison Approach, and The Income Approach. Combining these 3 approaches enables the appraiser to give their professional opinion on the market of the home.

Once a buyer ratifies a contract on the home of their choice, their lender will order the appraisal. The average cost is typically $400-$600. If you, as a homeowner, are looking to order an appraisal, keep in mind there are various types. Ordering the correct type of appraisal is critical. Don’t hesitate to contact us and we will help you understand the difference to make sure you spend your money wisely.

For more information concerning appraisals or if you or someone you know is interested in buying or selling Real Estate, contact Scott Koval or Sarah King Taylor, co-founders of the JS Realty Team. We take pride in our dedication to our clients and have helped over 700 families and counting in Loudoun, Fairfax, and Prince William counties!


The JS Realty Team – not only serving Brambleton, serving all of Northern Virginia.


An FHA loan is a mortgage loan that is insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA)

So why is an FHA loan a viable option to be considered?

Compared to conventional loans, an FHA loan offers some advantages for borrowers. Some of these advantages are due to recent changes in the rules for FHA loans, along with some changes in guidelines for conventional loans. Here are some things to consider when looking to purchase a primary residence or even if potentially refinancing a current FHA loan:

  • Allowable debt-to-income ratio: this is often higher on FHA loans than conventional loans
  • Waiting periods: If your credit has been impacted in recent years, FHA has the JS Realty Mortgage Loan Approvedfollowing waiting periods that are often much shorter than for conventional loans.

Bankruptcy (Chapter 13) = 1 year
Bankruptcy (Chapter 7) = 2 years
Foreclosure = 3 years [Conventional = 7 years]
Short Sale = 3 years [Conventional = 4 years]

  • Loan Limits: In the DC Metro Area, an FHA loan is limited to $625,500, with a 3.5% down payment. Conventional loans between $417,000 and $625,500 typically require a 10% down payment.

Recently, the FHA reduced the monthly mortgage insurance factors from 1.35% to .85%. This will mean lower monthly payments for purchases and provides current FHA loans to be refinanced with a lower mortgage insurance payment. For example, on a loan amount of $400,000, there is a monthly savings of $161 with the new monthly mortgage insurance payment. In addition, 100% of the down payment can come in the form of a gift from appropriate sources.

Every borrower has a unique need, as far as their loan is concerned. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact our preferred Lender, Keith Harris at Intercoastal Mortgage Company.

JS Realty KHarris LenderKeith Harris
Senior Loan Officer

NMLS Registry # 838973
Office: 703.259.0788
Mobile: 703.395.6601


The JS Realty Team – not only serving Brambleton, serving all of Northern Virginia.


As you may recall, we had a long and cold winter in 2014. shovel snow
It has been said that the weather played a role in our local economy. The year started out strong, but quickly shifted into an unusually slow spring market and then to an even slower summer/fall market. However, when we look at the big picture, it wasn’t all bad.

Here’s the big picture: Market Statistics-LoudounCountyVA-2014

Sales were down -7.89% for the year in Loudoun County, but the good news is that the Average SOLD Price was actually up by +3.5%. And even though the number of homes sold were down, the average days on the market also decreased – from 59 day on the market (DOM – 2013) to 44  days (DOM – 2014). Essentially, houses were sold over 2 weeks quicker!

We are looking forward to a strong and steady 2015, and so far all indications real estate market graph increaseare showing that this year is starting out strong! In January of 2015, closed sales showed a modest increase of +1.8% higher than in January 2014. There were 589 new listings that posted this past January, a +5.4% increase over the number listed in the same month in 2014. The $410,000 median sales price this January was 4% lower than the same month last year, though the $550,000 median sales price for detached homes increased 5.7%. The median list price for new pending sales was $420,000, less than 1% below last January’s $423,982 level for new pending sales.  This reflects a recovery from our slower summer/fall of 2014.

As you can see, all in all, things are looking UP for 2015!

Want to understand more about your neighborhood? Contact us today for detailed information about your neighborhood. We are always happy to provide a FREE HOME ANALYSIS!


The JS Realty Team – not only serving Brambleton, serving all of Northern Virginia.