If you’ve been driving down Route 7 in Ashburn these past few months, there’s no doubt you have been wondering what those huge, sky-reaching posts were that were installed right next to One Loudoun. Well we finally have an answer for you. Behold… TOP GOLF! This “ultimate venue for fun” is like a driving range on steroids, where experienced and novice golfers can enjoy the game together.JS Realty TopGolf logo

Located at 20356 Commonwealth Center Drive in Ashburn, Top Golf take the driving range concept to a whole new level – 3 levels, in fact! The new location in Loudoun features more than 100 driving range bays over 3 floors, a rooftop terrace and bar, 200+ HDTV’s, and free WiFi.

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Gone are the days of driving golf balls out into the distance over and over again. 15 years ago, the Jollifee brothers set out in improve not only their golf swing, but the entire experience as well. Enter Top Golf, with it’s combination of competition and entertainment, complete with high-tech golf balls that can instantly tell you the distance and accuracy of your shot!  The invention of these “smart” golf balls lead to the development of several golf ball hitting games. Players compete against each other while enjoying some quality food and drinks (including brunch & gluten free options!), in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.JSRealty4U

Open 7 days a week, and with over 20 locations across the US & the UK, this ultimate combination of sports & fun is a great place for a date, a guys night out, or even a corporate event. In fact, The JS Realty Team will be having a team function at Top Golf in the very near future, and we cannot wait!

Did you know that there are homes just minutes from this family-friendly sports venue? Contact us today and we can help you find an amazing home in the area.

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