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If you love history and historical homes, Loudoun County is rich in it. There are currently more than 50 homes that are still preserved and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. These are a testament to the past history of Loudoun – some of them are still occupied, some are museums, and some just simply exist.

JS Realty Morven Park Davis Leesburg
Morven Park – Davis Mansion, built ca. 1780

History tells us that Loudoun County constitutes part of the five million acre Northern Neck of Virginia Proprietary granted by King Charles II of England to seven noblemen in 1649.

In 1757, by act of the Virginia House of Burgesses, Fairfax County was divided. The western portion was named Loudoun for John Campbell, Fourth Earl of Loudoun, a Scottish nobleman who served as Commander-in-Chief for all British armed forces in North America and honorary Governor of Virginia from 1756 to 1768. Leesburg has served continuously as the County Seat since 1757.

JS Realty Waverly Loudoun VA
Waverly, built ca 1890. Photo courtesy Eric Strawser.

Settling in Loudoun began in 1725 to 1730. The lower portion of Loudoun was being established as large tobacco plantations.

JS Realty Woodgrove Loudoun
Woodgrove Stone House, built ca 1785

Loudoun was known for its agricultural business and an area where the rich came to vacation (away from the hot city, DC), however in the 1960’s a shift began. Dulles International Airport was built and the airport attracted new businesses, workers and their families to the area. Roads began to be built and the rest is modern history!

Loudoun is now home to more than 363,050 people (2014 Census) and our history will only continue to grow. We can only hope to leave a piece of history for those looking back on us 300 years from today.

JS Realty Janelia Loudoun County
Janelia Farm, built 1936. Photo courtesy Rexignis.

As you can see, Loudoun’s history is almost 300 years old, and we are fortunate enough to have homes that still exist to tell the story of settlers that started what we call home today.

JS Realty Carlheim Historic Mansion
Carlheim (Paxton Campus), built ca 1872

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of most of the Historic Homes in the Loudoun area. If you’re looking for a fun “stay-cation” adventure, pick out your 3 favorite homes to drive by and/or visit. Maybe you will be able to step back in time and learn about the daily lives our fore-founders were living, making history and supporting how we got here today.

Download the list of Historic Homes in Loudoun County here.

We love historic and even just “older” homes. If you’re looking to move to Loudoun County, contact us today to set up a tour of homes to see – we will customize the tour to suit your taste and needs!

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