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When you buy a home in Brambleton, you’re buying a community and not just real estate. One of the greatest things Brambleton offers is diversity. What helps drive that diversity is the fact that there are home styles to satisfy the masses. When we think of home styles we often start at the exterior of the home and then look inside. In Brambleton, there are more than 9 different architectural styles to choose from. Below is a quick look at the list and some of the features the exteriors of these homes offer.

Craftsman Styles JS RealtyCraftsman homes have an emphasis on natural materials — wood, stone, and brick. They tend to boast wide front porches. The interior has an open floor plan with features like built-in furniture, big fireplaces and exposed beams.

Styles JSRealty4U HomesThis style is reflective of “today’s modern”, with an emphasis on connecting the indoors with the outdoors. Contemporary homes tend to have an emphasis on energy efficiency, can be made from sustainable materials, and generally have lots of natural light throughout the home.

JS Realty Styles Homes ArchitectureReminiscent of the 1600’s, there are many variations of the Colonial style home due to the diversity of the early American settlers. Homes can be known for their symmetry, and are most often characterized by evenly spaced shuttered windows. Dormers, columns, and chimneys can also be evenly proportioned to complement its formal style.

StylesThe most common type of Colonial home is “Georgian” and it is much simpler in architecture. Like all Colonial styles, Georgian focuses on rigid symmetry. It is most often a box shape and is adorned with windows, which are typically five across, with shutters. They often have paneled front doors below a decorative portico.

Modeled after Roman classicism, this home is basically a Colonial with the addition of wings off to each side of the box shape, and will often have more decorative enhancements than other Colonial styles. Most often they are made of brick, with tall columns and grand curved steps that lead up to the grand entrance.

Prairie Styles Homes Brambleton JS Realty JSRealty4UThe Prairie style was built based on the idea that a home should serve all practical needs and reflect simplicity. The Arts and Crafts Movement was very influential to its design and can feature many of the same concepts, such as built-in furniture, simple materials, and open floor plans. This home may also feature a long flat roof, rows of windows, horizontal lines, and organic patterns.

Brambleton Styles Home For SaleSometimes called a row house but now more commonly known as a townhouse, it became popular in the early 19th century due to limited space and the financial benefits for the architect/builder. Efficiency and use of space is first and foremost and they are typically two or more levels with a traditional layout, side hallways, and smaller yards.

A Tudor home is most often known for steeply pitched, multi-gabled roofs and decorative half-timber framing. They were mostly built in established neighborhoods during the first half of the 20th century. The steep-pitched roofs are perfect for rainy and snowy climates.

JSRealty4U Condo StylesAlso referred to as “Condos”, they are generally built like an apartment with many units in one building. In our area it refers to ownership of the property.  Brambleton actually has townhome styled condos as well.

All of these different architectural styles create not only an interesting visual experience for the neighborhood, but it also attracts all types of personalities, creating a community full of diversity. Brambleton offers a unique selection of homes that meet the needs of families and individuals in all stages of life. We are proud to call Brambleton home and would love to help you learn more about making it your home too!

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Author: Sarah K. Taylor

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