Keeping Pets Safe During Winter

Helpful tips on keeping your pets safe this winter.

Winter has finally arrived! As most owners know, this time of year can be a challenge for pets. And while we haven’t seen a snow storm yet, chances are pretty good we will before Spring. We’ve checked in with the ASPCA and the Humane Society to collect some helpful tips for keeping your pets safe and warm during the cold winter months!

sudley in snow jsrealty4u Sarah Taylor
Sudley taking a walk

Aside from the county leash laws, it’s just good common sense to keep your dogs on a leash while walking them. Especially during a snow storm, where they could very easily run away and get lost. And when you head out, make sure your dog is wearing his ID tags in case he manages to get loose.

Penny Katie Hofer jsrealty4u pets
Penny playing in the snow

Snow, ice, salt, and other chemicals can be harmful to your pet if ingested or left on their paw pads. If you’ve been out, wipe your pet down thoroughly when you return. Be sure to check paws, legs, and stomach.

pet Taylor Jsrealty4u
Taylor checking out the snow

Outside, animals can very easily freeze, get lost or stolen, or worse. It’s best to keep pets indoors as much as possible. Be sure they have a place to sleep that’s off the floor and away from drafts. A pet bed and/or blankets and pillows work well.

Thunder Katie Hofer JSRealty pet
Our fur buddy Thunder

A longer coat will provide more warmth, so hold off on that “shave and a haircut” until the weather warms up. Consider purchasing a sweater for shorter hair breeds. And if you have to bathe your pet, completely dry them before taking them outside. Better yet, use a dry shampoo powder to freshen them up so you can skip the bath altogether.

pets jsrealty4u
Penny & Molly playing

Got an active pet? Laser pointers, interactive toys, and tricks-for-treats are great ways to keep your animal mentally and physically active without spending time outside. And you may want to up their food portions a bit too, since regulating body temperature takes more energy!

If you live in an area where animals roam free, it’s a good idea to give a loud knock on the hood of your car, or even honk your horn once before starting it up. This should help scare off any cats, squirrels, or other little creature that might have sought out warmth under the hood of your car.

jsrealty4u sam pets Beth Wenner
Sam taking a break

Your pets should never be left unattended in a car. The car can act like a refrigerator during winter months, holding in the cold and could cause your pet to freeze to death.

Antifreeze – like coolant – is a lethal poison for dogs and cats. Unfortunately pets are attracted to the smell and taste of it. Immediately clean up any spills from your vehicle to prevent accidental ingestion. And consider using products that contain propylene glycol instead of ethylene glycol. However, neither is safe for cats.

If you’re interested in adding a dog or cat to your family this year, check out our furry buddies at Friends of Homeless Animals.

2016 Brambleton Real Estate Market Review

How did the 2016 Brambleton real estate market fare? And what can you expect in 2017?

This handy infographic illustrates how the Brambleton Real Estate market fared in 2016 compared to 2015.

Brambleton Bram Infographic Real Estate 2016 JSRealty4U

While 315 homes were sold in 2016, it is down 11% from the previous year. In 2015, 354 homes were sold during the same time period (Jan-Dec). On a positive note, this year homes spent less time on the market and had higher sales prices than homes sold in 2015.

Looking ahead – Brambleton in 2017

Sales begin in January of 2017 for Birchwood at Brambleton – low maintenance condominiums, courtyard homes and villas by Miller & Smith and Van Metre Homes. Prices start from the $300’s.

“Brambleton Town Center” is the new townhome community by Van Metre Homes. Located in the heart of the town center, construction begins in the Spring of 2017. They will offer 3 distinctive and different townhome designs with an urban and contemporary feel.

Phase 1 is already under construction and 75% sold out at Downtown Brambleton. Also located in the town center, Downtown Brambleton by Knutson features 4-story elevator townhomes with a “Yard in the Sky.”

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