Loudoun County and Silver Line Update

Changes coming to Loudoun County by 2021 with the addition of Metro

As of July 2016, Phase 2 Construction of extending the Silver Line metrorail into Loudoun County reached 30 percent completion! The design itself is virtually complete, according to information supplied by the Dulles Rail Project team to the FTA this summer.

Photo Credit: Mgueylee
Photo Credit: Mgueylee

Silver Line Update

Construction continues at station and support sites, and a mass excavation is underway at the site of the Loudoun Gateway Station. Project crews are continuing to widen roads, shift lanes, pave and stripe. Crews are also performing utility work and other construction for the Silver Line at the same time.

With this in mind expect lane, road, and ramp closures. Several highly trafficked roads will be affected in Loudoun & Fairfax Counties. They include: Dulles Toll Road, Dulles International Airport Access Highway, Autopilot Drive, Rudder Road, Dulles Greenway, Route 28, Centreville Road, Sunrise Valley Drive, and Sunset Hills Road.

Credit: Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project (dullesmetro.com)
Credit: Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project (dullesmetro.com)

The Future of Loudoun County

The Silver Line Metrorail is expected to be completed by 2021. Most noteworthy, by that time the County is anticipating the addition of almost 50,000 residents, 25,000 jobs and over 16,000 new homes. This begs the question: will these residents, jobs, and homes bring new opportunities or more challenges to the County?

To best address this question, the Loudoun Chamber has assembled the region’s top Real Estate and economic development experts. Dubbed “Loudoun 2021”, this discussion on the future of the County’s economy and Real Estate market will take place on September 14, 2016. Loudoun 2021Loudoun 2021 will feature local Real Estate experts for a panel discussion focused on the county’s major development corridors. Anirban Basu of the Sage Policy Group will be giving the keynote presentation. Click Here for additional details and event registration.

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Looking Back: Loudoun County Growth in 2015

Looking back at Loudoun County’s growth in 2015 and what the future has in store

Loudoun County experienced another great year of growth in 2015 and the future is looking great! From housing and business growth in the east to the farm land and wineries in the west, Loudoun County is appealing to a broad spectrum of Northern Virginians.

JS Realty increase loudoun looking OVERALL GROWTH
Loudoun has emerged into the upper echelon of Data Center Clusters in the world. These types of businesses add a commercial tax base that doesn’t overwhelm the infrastructure. The Loudoun Times-Mirror states that according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, Loudoun County grew nearly twice the rate of local jurisdictions in Virginia and the United States, when using per capita income. From Top Golf and One Loudoun to the vast number of new restaurants and businesses opening up, Loudoun County is positioning itself very well for the future.

Loudoun County Real Estate also had a very strong year in 2015. 6,485 homes were sold this past year – which is up from the 5,802 sold in 2014. The average sold price for all homes sold in Loudoun County was $487,687.

JS Realty looking back loudoun 2015OVERVIEW
3,091 single family homes
2,398 townhouses
812 condos
184 “other” properties

3,091 sold
Highest Price: $5,500,000 on Carters Farm Lane (Middleburg)
Lowest Price: $124,900 on Railroad Street (Bluemont)

2,398 sold
Highest Price: $1,000,000 on Fairway Oaks Square (Leesburg)
Lowest Price: $125,000 on Hancock Place (Leesburg)

812 sold
Highest Price: $699,000 on Leopards Chase Terrace (Sterling)
Lowest Price: $81,000 on Washington Street NE (Leesburg)

jsrealty4u looking loudoun 2015 future silver metroWith the Silver Line Metro extending through the county on the horizon, the possibility of a ballpark, and the continued growth in the housing and business sectors, Loudoun County is looking more and more like the ideal place to live in Northern Virginia.