A combination of breakfast and lunch, Brunch originated in England in the late 1800’s, served in a buffet style manner, and became popular in the United States in the 1930’s. And it just so happens to be one of our favorite things to do on a not-so-busy weekend! We’ve compiled a short list of restaurants that serve brunch for you to check out around Loudoun County. Please note this list is not all inclusive, it’s just a sample of some of the amazing fare you’ll find around Loudoun.


Virginia’s premiere wine bar serves brunch on Sunday’s from 11AM – 2PM!
(P.S. They have self-serve wine stations!)JS Realty wine bistro broadlands ashburn

Clyde’s Willow Creek Farm
Sunday’s starting at 10AM.
JS Realty brunch clyde'sBonefish Grill
Sunday’s at 10AM.
JS Realty Brunch Bonefish
Fresh & Organic
Breakfast starts at 9:30AM.
JS Realty Brunch organic


Sunday’s, 10AM – 3PM.JS Realty Blue Ridge Grill Brunch

For a lighter fare, and some great coffees & teas!brunch Peets


Sunday’s starting at kitchen brunch jsrealty4u

Sunday’s from 11AM – 2:30PM.JSRealty4U Tuskies

Pit-smoked BBQ brunch buffet on Sunday’s from 10AM – 2PM – features live music!jsrealty4u smokehouse leesburg village

Calling all early risers – breakfast starts at 7AM!eggspectation jsrealty4u


Saturday & Sunday, 9AM – 2PM.JS Realty South Riding Inn chantilly

Saturday & Sunday, from 11AM – 3PM.jsrealty4u ford fish brunch


Saturday & Sunday starting at 10AM.JS Realty Irish OFaolains

Saturday’s 11:30AM – 3PM and Sunday’s 10AM – 3PM.jsrealty4u lakehouse

Because Cheesecake. Sunday brunch from 10AM – 2PM.JS Realty cheesecake

What’s your favorite place to brunch? Give us a call today at 703-475-1003 and see how we can help you find your dream home near one of your favorite restaurants!

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It is always a great idea to check in and understand how our real estate market is doing. So today we are taking a look at our local market – specifically 20148. This includes all of the Brambleton market and some other great surrounding neighborhoods.

For the full report, click here: Market Statistics-20148-Q12015

real estate market graph increaseIn the first quarter of 2015, things are looking pretty positive all the way around. Our most impressive number is the sold volume dollars, which is up by + 34.7%. The number of units sold is up by +34.26%. This tells us quickly that there was a larger selection of homes for Buyers to choose from, and they did in fact choose to buy – which pushed these percentages up. Interestingly enough, this did push days on the market up just a bit, as it rose 13.79%.  Days on the market increasing gives a slight lean towards a Buyers’ market, which is reflected somewhat in the average sold price per unit, which is down slightly -0.80%.

JS Realty variable mortgage ratesThe key fact here is the the market is moving! Sellers are listing and Buyers are buying. Interest rates remain at a historically low rate, keeping our market healthy. The “buzz” in the lending world is that we should expect to see interest rates rise slightly, potentially headed towards 5% within the next 12 months. Keep this in mind while planning your next move, whether it is buying or selling, as both markets will feel the effects of higher interest rates.

Brambleton is located in the 20148 market and it remains a hot neighborhood not only locally but as a nationally recognized, award winning community!

Fun Facts about the Brambleton market:
JS Realty Female Women Cafe Lunch-Average adult age is 42
-Average household income is $139,971
-There are +2.32% more females (in the local population)

The JS Realty Team are your local Brambleton experts! We offer 4.5% Full Service Listing fees and cash back to our Buyers!  If you are looking to Buy or Sell, contact us today for a free analysis of what we can do for you.

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The JS Realty Team – not only serving Brambleton, serving all of Northern Virginia.


Duck Donuts Herndon Entrance JS RealtyDUCK DONUTS. When they showed up in Herndon, Virginia at the beginning of May, our Facebook pages lit up like Christmas with images and #hashtags about donuts covered in bacon, of all things. If you’ve never been to the Outer Banks in North Carolina, then you are probably wondering what in the world a “Duck Donut” is and why people are going so crazy. It’s just a donut, right?


Duck Donuts JS Realty
Donut Maker

We set out to discover what was so “absolutely wonderful”, as one reviewer stated. The first thing we noticed when we walked in the door (besides there being quite a few people having a donut for lunch!) – there wasn’t a donut in sight. The shop was quite spacious, with some tables, chairs, and a few beach-type benches. It was clean, and it smelled pretty yummy. But where were the donuts?

Duck Donut JS Realty Bacon
Maple Glaze & Bacon

We walked up to a tiled wall about chest-high, that was topped with glass. After peering through the glass, we found the donuts! They weren’t sitting in racks, or in boxes, they were being freshly made to order! Yes, you read that correctly. They have a very cool donut making machine – 2 of them, actually – that cranks out fresh donuts pretty quickly! Those fresh, plain donuts are loaded into large trays and taken to the “topping” station, where the donut is then coated with your choice of glaze and additional toppings.

Duck Donuts JS Realty Assorted
Chocolate & coconut, Vanilla & sprinkles, Maple & bacon.

By our count, there are currently 51 ways to eat a Duck Donut, and each day there is an additional “Donut of the Day”. We happened to be there on “French Toast” day, and that donut did not disappoint! And those maple and bacon topped little wonders? Let’s just say it’s a miracle they made the 15-minute trip home!

Pictures and words do not do these donuts justice. Treat yourself to a few of these seriously yummy donuts, located in the BB&T Center in Herndon off of Elden Street.  Just be ready to wait in line as their popularity increases! As another Duck Donut first-timer mentioned to us in the shop while we were there, “The line has sometimes been out the door. And they are going to be busy this weekend with the Herndon Festival.”  Great idea – check out the festival, and grab a fresh donut! They are sold single, or by 1/2 Dozen, Dozen, and Bucket (18).

Wouldn’t it be great to live within walking distance of this yummy little donut shop? If you are looking to buy or sell a home in Northern Virginia, contact us today!

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The JS Realty Team – not only serving Brambleton, serving all of Northern Virginia.