You’ve decided to buy a home… a smart decision, considering rental rates are constantly on the rise and interest rates are continuing to hold at near-record lows. The JS Realty Team @ Samson Properties has the knowledge and experience to guide you through the entire process. From your initial consultation through settlement day, we will tailor the buying process to meet your specific needs through the following steps.

At your initial consultation, we need to gather lots of information from you to aid us in the progression of finding the RIGHT home for YOU. So be prepared for a barrage of questions! You can expect this conversation to include:JS Realty Check List Blank

-Style of home you prefer
-Features of a home that are most attractive to you
-Lot size
-Desired location(s)
Contacting a Lender to get you pre-qualified for a loan
-School districts
-Neighborhood feel

Once we’ve compiled your wish-list, the next step is to set up a personalized search specific to your requests.

2. FIELD TRIP!JS Realty Showing Home
Here’s where the real fun begins. Tours can be set up based on the properties you’ve chosen. While touring, we will ask additional questions in order to continue refining your search. You may choose to add to your current list as well as rule out many already on the list.

3. CONTRACT NEGOTIATIONJS Realty House contract
After you’ve successfully chosen the home that’s right for you, your Realtor’s value and importance will really shine through at this stage of the game. We will negotiate the terms of the contract in order to achieve the best results attainable. Once the terms of the contract are in place, the next most important step is the inspection.

4. HOME INSPECTIONJS Realty Home Inspection
We will now hire a licensed home Inspector who will thoroughly examine the property and provide a detailed report with potential items which need to be addressed. The Inspector will also provide tips for preventative maintenance that can potentially save you money in the future.

5. PLANNING YOUR MOVEJS Realty Calendar Red Moving Day
While waiting for your loan to be finalized and settlement day to arrive, you’ll want to begin planning your move. Once the transaction is settled, you will receive keys to your new home!

Although the buying process is now complete, remember that the JS Realty Team is always available to you for additional questions and any further Real Estate needs. Feel free to contact us at any time!

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The JS Realty Team – not only serving Brambleton, serving all of Northern Virginia.


Congratulations! You are ready to settle on your new home. JS Realty has guided you through the entire home buying process and now it is time to complete the final steps. The last step in the process is to perform a final walk-through of the home you are buying – a very important step indeed!

JS Realty will coordinate with you – our Buyer – and the listing Agent a time to perform the final walk-through that works for both you and the Seller.

JS Realty Pencil Calendar Walk ScheduleNEW LENDING RULES that go into effect on August 1 state that no changes can be made to the settlement statement within 3-4 days before settlement. This is going to require us to perform 2 walk-throughs. The first walk-through will be performed one week before your settlement day to ensure all home inspection items have been remedied and all components of the home are in working order. On the day of settlement, or the night before, your JS Realty Agent will do another walk through the home to make sure nothing has changed with the condition of the home.

The following will be addressed during the initial walk through:

Condition – we will making sure the home is turned over in the same condition as it was when we decided to write an offer.

JS Realty Washing Machine HE Eco WalkHome Inspection – this is the time we ensure all home inspection items have been resolved satisfactorily.

Appliances – we will enter the home with our Buyer and physically run all of the components of the home, from running the dishwasher and washer/dryer through a full cycle, to testing all the sinks, toilets and faucets. We are looking for any new leaks or any issues that may need addressing before settlement.

JS Realty Checklist Walk through Inspection ReportWhile we are performing the walk-through, your JS Realty Agent will be checking off all items on the home inspection list that the Seller agreed to remedy. One by one we make sure those issues are taken care of, and when applicable, have a written and paid receipt from the contractor that performed the work.

Also at this time, your JS Realty Agent will review with you the regular maintenance items – such as where your furnace filters go, and where your outside water spigot shut off valves are located. The main water valve that shuts off water to the entire home is another component that all Buyers need to be aware of in case of a leak in the home.

JS Realty document  walk sign pen womanIf there are unresolved issues stemming from the walk-through, your JS Realty Agent will contact the listing Agent and work to resolve the issues. Once we are satisfied that the home is in the proper condition, we will have you sign off on the walk-through.

The next time you walk into the home, it will be YOURS! And we don’t want any surprises for that joyous occasion.

If you have any questions concerning the home buying and selling process, or you would like a no obligation consultation, contact us today!

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The JS Realty Team – not only serving Brambleton, serving all of Northern Virginia.


If you missed the first part of our Buyers Guide to Purchasing a Home, you can find it here.

One of the most rewarding experiences is finding the perfect home at the right price for our home buyer. The JS Realty Team strives to find that perfect match. From the initial consultation to celebration/settlement day, we guide our buyers through the entire home buying process.

Congratulations – your offer has been accepted! Here are the next steps that need to take place in order to complete the transaction.

1. Home Inspection – the first step after ratification is to schedule the homeJS Realty Home Inspection inspection. At the same time as the home inspection, we will schedule any other inspections we deem necessary. We will meet our buyer and Inspector at the home for the inspection. After a thorough inspection, the Inspector will provide us with a full report of the good features as well as areas of concern about the home. We will review this report with our buyer and decide which items we will ask the seller to fix. If there are major concerns that make the buyer too uneasy about the home then we will void the contract and search for other homes. If the buyer and seller agree to the home inspection terms, then we will move on to the next step. As long as we are comfortable with the inspections, we will proceed.

Note: At this time the buyer has 2 responsibilities: to secure their loan and to obtain homeowners insurance. We handle all facets of the transaction except for these 2 items.

2. Order an Appraisal – the next major step is for the buyer’s Lender to order the appraisal. If the property appraises at or above sales price then we will release the appraisal contingency.

3. HOA Disclosure Packet – also at this time, the buyer will be receiving the HOA Disclosure packet if the home is located in a community that has a HOA. The buyer will have a certain time period, based on method of delivery, to JS Realty Checkboxread the disclosure packet and by Virginia law if they are not content with the rules and finances of the community, the buyer can void the contract.

4. Schedule Settlement Date/Utility Transfer – now that home inspection, appraisal and HOA disclosure contingencies are released we are moving towards settlement/celebration day. We will coordinate a date/time for settlement, and help our buyer schedule the transfer of utilities to their name as of the settlement day.

5. Final Walk-thru – a walk-thru of the home is performed, at the very least the day before settlement. This is where all repairs from the home inspection will be checked to make sure they were made to our satisfaction. We will also run any and all mechanical items to make sure the home is in the same condition as it was on the day we performed the initial home inspection. If there are any discrepancies we will address them with the seller’s agent and have the issues resolved.

6. Settlement/Celebration Day! When settlement/celebration day arrives, we will accompany our buyer to settlement and make sure all the figures on the HUD-1 are correct and help answer any last minute questions our buyer might have.

The JS Realty Team really cherishes this moment for our buyers. From the initial consultation until we reach settlement day, we will work hard to overcome the many obstacles of buying a home to ensure a smooth transaction for our clients. Our satisfaction comes from seeing our happy buyers and in knowing that we have created a relationship that will last a lifetime. The JS Realty Team is not interested in a single transaction, but in forming a relationship with our clients so they know we will be there to help them with their Real Estate needs now and in the future.

The JS Realty Team – not only serving Brambleton, serving all of Northern Virginia.


One of the most rewarding experiences is finding the perfect home at the right price for our home buyer. The JS Realty Team strives to find that perfect match. From the initial consultation to celebration/settlement day we guide our buyers through the entire process.

During the initial consultation, it is very important for us to find out as much asYoung married couple at desk in a business meeting JS Realty possible about what our buyer is looking for in a home. Every buyer has different needs and we want to tailor their search to those desires. Discussing the buyers comfort price, ideal location, school systems, and housing concerns (number of bedrooms/baths, garage, yard size, etc.) are just the beginning of what we cover during our initial consultation. After that, we follow a few key steps to getting our buyer into their new home:

1. Prequalifying with a Lender – We do this so our buyer will have a clear picture of what their home will cost. It’s important they know what a down payment, closing costs, and the mortgage payments will be in their desired price range.

2. Activate an Automatic Search – After being approved by the Lender, we will activate an automatic search that will send out all the homes that fit our buyer’s criteria. Anytime a new listing enters the market, our system will immediately email the home to our client. Using this feature allows us to stay on top of all new listings!

3. Listingbook Account – All buyers will receive an account Listingbook JS Realtythrough Listingbook which will allow them to search in real time, on their own, through the same MLS system that Realtors use.

4. Schedule Showings – Getting to preview the homes they have selected is an exciting prospect for the buyer. We will plan out a home tour and schedule showings, getting feedback from the buyer on the positives and negatives of the homes. This helps us refine the search and discover what they feel is most important in a home.

5. Offer Contract – Once the buyers finds the home, we will sit down and write the offer.  As we do this, we will explain the many facets of the contract and the contingencies that we build in to protect the buyer. We will include an approved prequalification letter from the Lender for the specific price of the offer being made, along with an earnest money deposit. This deposit is a check made out to Samson Properties will be deposited into an escrow account after the contract has been ratified. The money will wait there until settlement.

6. Submitting the Offer – Once we submit the contract and all appropriateDiscussing business activity JS Realty paperwork, the negotiating begins. This is where our experience of selling over $200 million in Real Estate transactions enables us to negotiate the best deal possible for our clients. If buyer and seller agree to all terms of the contract, we are ratified!

There’s still a way to go before calling the moving trucks! Read the 2nd half of our Buyer’s Guide, where we will walk you through the inspections, appraisal, and settlement.